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Top Ten Tips to Overcome Insomnia

Have you ever spent the whole night battling to get to sleep, only to then fall into a deep sleep just as your alarm is set to go off? Have you ever tried to block out your thoughts or get rid of your anxious feelings in the middle of the night, only for them to… Read more »

Overcome Your Insomnia . . . By Staying in Bed!

Do you like getting out of bed in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep? If you’re anything like The Sleep School’s clients, the answer is most definitely “No” and you’re probably fed up of being told to do so. We all know that lying in bed stressing about the fact that you… Read more »

Six Healing Animations

At The Sleep School we believe in using animation as an effective therapeutic tool for helping people to overcome chronic insomnia. Animation provides a playful way of learning and can be a powerful platform from which to discuss even the most challenging mental and physical health issues. Here are some of the best ones on… Read more »

How to Overcome Sleep Anxiety

Eighty seven percent of clients who attend The Sleep School’s one-day workshops cite anxiety as the main causal factor for triggering and maintaining their sleeplessness. The more you worry about not sleeping, the less you sleep and the less you sleep the more you worry!! The Sleep School specializes in giving our clients the tools… Read more »

Insomnia Cure – part 4

Build Yourself a Regular and Robust Sleeping Pattern Building Your New Sleeping Pattern ‘Build’ is the penultimate step in The Sleep School’s 5 step process and focuses on establishing a regular and robust sleeping pattern by strengthening the biological processes that regulate sleep. When you can’t sleep it is easy to adopt unhelpful coping strategies such as… Read more »

The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Insomnia and Pain

Almost everyone will have experienced a disturbed night of sleep as a result of pain. Sore muscles after a heavy training session, an aching body during a bout of flu, headaches or abdominal premenstrual cramping can all cause sleep loss. For some, the pain can be associated with illness such as Cancer, including its treatment… Read more »

Is your Diet Keeping You Awake?

When you can’t sleep and feel shattered during the day it’s easy to fall into the ‘quick fix’ trap by eating stimulating foods containing sugar and caffeine. Whilst these may help in the short term to boost your energy levels, they often lead to even lower daytime energy and worsening night-time sleep. I’d like to… Read more »

Insomnia Cure – part 3

Welcome Sleep Fears to Overcome Insomnia The Survival Response Your survival response is your body’s way of preparing itself for danger by readying you to either stand and fight or run in flight. Whilst such a response is great if you’re being attacked by a predator, it’s not helpful if you are trying to sleep. Unfortunately… Read more »

Ipad Use Before Bed Disturbs Sleep

If you were lucky enough to get a new e-reader or tablet TV for Christmas, the chances are you used it right up to going to bed. Whilst such devices have their obvious advantages, new research suggests that you could be better off sticking with your traditional paperback book. The study published in the Proceedings… Read more »

Insomnia Cure – part 2

Acceptance – the key to overcoming insomnia   For many people, the word ‘acceptance’ is commonly confused with the more negative state of being resigned. You are resigned to your insomnia if you think that you will never sleep properly again or that you have tried everything and nothing works for you, that your brain… Read more »

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