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Top 10 Tips to Overcome Insomnia

Our Top Ten Tips To Overcome Insomnia will set you on the path to achieving good quality natural sleep by changing the way you think about insomnia.

Overcome Your Insomnia . . . By Staying in Bed!

At The Sleep School, we use mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to help you ‘watch’ and ‘welcome’ everything that shows up in your mind and body moment by moment, whilst benefitting from the rest by staying in bed.

Six Healing Animations

Some of the best animations on the Web, which we use on a regular basis to help Sleep School clients.

How to Overcome Sleep Anxiety

Eighty seven percent of clients who attend The Sleep School’s one-day workshops cite anxiety as the main causal factor for triggering and maintaining their sleeplessness. The Sleep School specialises in giving our clients the tools to help them to escape the vicious cycle of insomnia and anxiety and achieve good quality natural sleep regularly.

The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Insomnia and Pain

Whatever the source, pain has the ability to intrude sleep with constant micro arousals reducing its depth and quality and causing us to wake up feeling unrefreshed the next day.
However the link between poor sleep and pain is not as obvious as first thought.

Is your Diet Keeping You Awake?

When you can’t sleep and feel shattered during the day it’s easy to fall into the ‘quick fix’ trap by eating stimulating foods containing sugar and caffeine. Whilst these may help in the short term to boost your energy levels, they often lead to even lower daytime energy and worsening night-time sleep.

Insomnia Cure – part 3

Choosing to welcome your insomnia is not naturally intuitive and certainly requires a level willingness. It is also a gentle and compassionate process that takes time and commitment to implement. However for those willing to welcome their insomnia overtime it offers the arrival of good quality natural sleep on a regular basis.

Insomnia Cure – part 2

On realising that they can stop struggling, insomniacs often describe feeling lighter and more able to float with their problems, rather than being pulled under by them.

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