Top 10 Tips to Overcome Insomnia

At The Sleep School, we understand that whilst it’s only natural to want to fight against your insomnia, it can be the very thing that fuels it. That’s why we’ve been pioneering the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT, for the non-drug based treatment of chronic insomnia. ACT recognises that to overcome your… Read more »

From Self Esteem to Self Acceptance by Dr Richard Bennett – Part 2

The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, take on self-acceptance promotes individuals taking what is often called an observer perspective on their experience. This essentially involves the realisation that you and your experiences are not the same thing. ACT practice around self-acceptance involves working on three main skills, outlined in turn below. Noticing self-stories This… Read more »

Effectiveness of The Sleep School Approach

  We have recently completed an in-house clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of The Sleep School approach. We tracked the sleeping patterns of 14 chronic insomnia sufferers for one year, after attending a one- day workshop in central London. The results showed significant improvements across a wide range of sleep measures, with the majority… Read more »

ACTivating Your Life!

Using acceptance and mindfulness to build a life that is rich, fulfilling and fun Life Is Messy The truth is that life is messy. It’s chaotic, unpredictable and change is just about the only thing that remains constant. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and learned the rules of the game,… Read more »

Six Healing Animations

At The Sleep School we believe in using animation as an effective therapeutic tool for helping people to overcome chronic insomnia. Animation provides a playful way of learning and can be a powerful platform from which to discuss even the most challenging mental and physical health issues. Here are some of the best ones on… Read more »

How to Overcome Sleep Anxiety

Eighty seven percent of clients who attend The Sleep School’s one-day workshops cite anxiety as the main causal factor for triggering and maintaining their sleeplessness. The more you worry about not sleeping, the less you sleep and the less you sleep the more you worry!! The Sleep School specializes in giving our clients the tools… Read more »

Insomnia Cure – part 4

Build Yourself a Regular and Robust Sleeping Pattern Building Your New Sleeping Pattern ‘Build’ is the penultimate step in The Sleep School’s 5 step process and focuses on establishing a regular and robust sleeping pattern by strengthening the biological processes that regulate sleep. When you can’t sleep it is easy to adopt unhelpful coping strategies such as… Read more »

The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Insomnia and Pain

Almost everyone will have experienced a disturbed night of sleep as a result of pain. Sore muscles after a heavy training session, an aching body during a bout of flu, headaches or abdominal premenstrual cramping can all cause sleep loss. For some, the pain can be associated with illness such as Cancer, including its treatment… Read more »

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