Level 1: ACT-I Skills Training Workshop by Dr Guy Meadows

Date: Friday 20th March 2015 (9.30am – 4.30pm)

Venue: Kings Cross, London

Bookings: To book your place on the workshop please email: [email protected]

Brief Outline: ACT is an evidence-based transdiagnostic intervention that that has its origins in the behavioural tradition.  It is concerned with helping individuals identify their vales and taking committed action in the service of them.  ACT identifies key processes that enable individuals to develop greater ‘psychological flexibility’ and teaches skills that help to change the relationship between an individual and their experience.  This one-day workshop for practitioners working in the field of physical and/or mental health care will focus on developing the core skills and knowledge to work with people with difficulties related to insomnia.  In particular, it will focus on how the struggle with sleeplessness tends to worsen the problems of insomnia, and on helping clinicians develop skills in assisting their clients to let go of this struggle.

Topics that will be covered: The ACT model as applied to insomnia (ACT-I)

  • Introduction to insomnia including common risk factors, triggers, and amplifying behaviours
  • Insomnia assessment
  • Sleep physiology – cycles and stages
  • Sleep biology – clock, drive, sleep  and wake brain centres
  • Interaction between sleep disorders and mental and physical health
  • Traditional CBT-I approaches including cognitive restructuring, sleep scheduling, sleep restriction and stimulus control
  • Case study examples using ACT-I approaches for attendees to work through
Past Attendee Reviews:
“Stimulating, engaging, the right level of ACT and Mindfulness without going over the top with exercises. Very user friendly approach and offered helpful ways of encouraging clients to engage with ACT and Mindfulness.” -Kirsty“Greatly enjoyed it and have come back to work – ready and keen to both adopt ACT-I into my practice and share this with my colleagues so that they too can choose to update.” -Jackie“Very pleased with the overall experience. I thought the content was enlightening and Dr Guy was excellent, using his depth of experience but most importantly using his personality and humour to engage the audience.” – Richard

“It was fantastic to get so many great therapists with such wide ranging specialties discussing the importance of sleep for good mental health using ACT-I.”

– John

Level 2: ACT-I Skills Training Workshop by Dr Guy Meadows

Date: Coming soon

Venue: Kings Cross, London

Bookings: For further information please email: [email protected]