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 The Sleep Book – How to Sleep Well Every Night  is delivered in a convenient audio format allowing listening on-the-go, when resting or tired.

By listening to the audiobook you will learn how it is possible to overcome insomnia through following The Sleep School’s proprietary 5 Week Approach  . . .


Week 1. Discover . . .

. . . why you need to stop struggling to start sleeping


Week 2. Accept . . .

. . . the things you cannot change


Week 3. Welcome . . .

. . . everything that shows up in your mind and body


Week 4.Build . . .

. . . our new sleeping pattern


Week 5. Live . . .

. . . your days to the full to sleep well every night


The Sleep Book – No.1 Best Seller

Since its release in February 2014, The Sleep Book has reached No.1 Best Seller in the Amazon charts in the following categories: Sleep Disorders,  Self Help & Medical & Healthcare Practitioners.

It is the sum of a doctorate degree in sleep and well over 12,000 hours spent working with more than 3,000 insomniacs in one-to-one clinics, workshops and retreat environments.

“This book is a lifeline to anyone who struggles with their sleep. Dr Guy Meadows’ radical new approach to curing insomnia is incredibly effective and, even better, it is natural – no pills, potions or props necessary.”

Dr Hillary Jones

Customer Reviews

Five Stars

Thankfully I can now sleep well at night!

shifra - Amazon - 8 Jan. 2015


Fantastic book (and accompanying app). Guy’s approach is based on hard science, and he delivers with clarity and warmth. I loved it, as it not only helps me sleep better, but live better.

Rob Archer - Amazon - 7 Jan. 2015

Five Stars

Lots of good tips.

Dippytoes - Amazon - 31 Dec. 2014

This reformed insomniac says, buy it

This book worked brilliantly for me. It got me sleeping well right away and I know I’m not going to relapse. For a lifelong insomniac, that’s a worth the cover price and all the available stars. It is the most glorious and novel experience to regularly wake up feeling refreshed and rested and go through the day without drowsiness. I’m immensely grateful.

Digit – Amazon - 23 November 2014

Five Stars!

Very helpful to solve chronic insomnia


Mirinda Rowell – Amazon – 22 November 2014

Good Practical Book That Helps Get To Grips With Insomnia. - Recommended!

I found this book really nice to read, in fact it’s the first “Kindle” book I’ve read on my new Fire HDX 8.9″. The quality of writing is good, if you’ve bought this title because you’re having problems with Insomnia (as I have) it’s likely that some of the stuff within the pages you already know. However, I found the “Five Step Programme” unique in that it actually approaches the issue practically, and doesn’t spend to many pages explaining what the causes are or why you’re experiencing the problem but gets down to trying to address the Insomnia problem.

Would I recommend this? Yes! Why? Because, unlike some “Self Help books” endlessly go on about ” the “Psychology” of the problem it aims to help you practically solve the problem. I’ve not finished the book yet but so far it has made an improvement to my sleep issues. I am still on Prescription Sleeping Tablets (Zopiclone) so be interesting to see if the book helps me sleep without needing them.

Mr W I Gunn – Amazon – 20 November 2014

A life changer for anxiety related insomnia

This book is a life changer for people who suffer with anxiety-related sleep disorder. The author is very action focused and his advise and ideas are highly motivational. Within days of reading his book, I knew that I’d finally found the answer. The images he uses, especially his “Olympic Podium” of sleep are just brilliant and can put even the most hardened, skeptical insomniac back on track.

Ms Rachel Taylor – Amazon – 10 November 2014

Saved My Life

I developed insomnia in 2008 and suffered from it for the next 6 years. It utterly ruined my life, damaging relationships, my academic career, my social skills and most other aspects of day to day living. I tried almost everything, including CBT, but nothing seemed to work for longer than a few days. This book made the difference. For the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping well, and I know if insomnia does occasionally return then I don’t get stressed because I know how to accept it and ultimately deal with it. Long term insomnia is horrendous and this book is the best treatment approach I’ve come across, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Jack Jelfs – Amazon – 10 November 2014

Excellent book, a good nights sleep transforms your life

Excellent book , a good nights sleep transforms your life!

Wendy Holst – Amazon – 6 November 2014

Extremely happy of getting rid of anxiety related insomnia

I listened to the audio version. After trying any kind of supplement, sleeping pill, relaxation technique this has been the only real cure to my anxiety related insomnia.

Roberto – Amazon – 1 November 2014

If you don't even know what a normal sleeper is like I didn't

This book has turned me into a “normal sleeper” after at least a decade of believing I had to live with sleepless nights for the rest of my life. If you don’t even know what a normal sleeper is like I didn’t, you must get this book.

Elizabeth Elliott - Amazon - 18 Oct. 2014

I loved the illustrations - I went and got the app ...

Sleeping without sleeping pills…and tolerating insomnia without sleeping pills. The first book to actually help me night after night. I loved the illustrations – I went and got the app – and immediately recognised myself. I have happily thrown away my lavender beanbag cat and other night time props that were cluttering my bedside. I hadn’t realised how much I’d come to hate going to bed after struggling with insomnia for such a long time – and that more relaxation, milky drinks or yoga were feeling like a prison sentence. This was the first book about sleep that really didn’t say all the same old stuff and leave me feeling as though I should try even harder to get to sleep. The first night when I relaxed and dozed off without any props felt like a miracle. It isn’t a cake walk – tolerating tired feelings in the day and giving up on unrealistic expectations are hard for me. I refer back to the book and app to get back on track when needed. Setbacks have been useful to see how far I’ve come along.

Ms. L. Chalkley "Lili" - Amazon - 11 Oct. 2014

I would like to give Dr guy meadows a big hug

I would like to give Dr guy meadows a big hug, as this book has completely changed the way I feel about sleep. I would recommend it to anyone that has suffered or is suffering from insomnia. There are no pills or potions involved the only thing you need to do is change the way you think!!! I have tried many many things in the past but this book was a revelation to me. It is not a quick fix and you have to do exactly what Dr Meadows says, but when you do you will find that his advice works, it takes away the FEAR of not sleeping.

Kerry Birch - Amazon - 4 Oct. 2014


Excellent book. Really helpful. Feeling calmer at night already and still have 2 weeks to go. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can’t sleep.

CDodrama - Amazon - 25 Sept. 2014

Eventually Zopiclone losses it's effect and often makes the condition worse. I read this book as an introduction before ...

I’ve had insomnia for 20 odd years and had tried hypnosis, cherry extract, valerian, lavender, melatonin, Zopiclone, Retimer glasses etc. and only Zopiclone helped me sleep for short periods of time. Eventually Zopiclone losses it’s effect and often makes the condition worse. I read this book as an introduction before enrolling in The Sleep School’s workshop for insomnia. However, I have not needed to enrol, for the past 2 weeks or so, since reading The Sleep Book, I have slept almost every night for at least 6 to 7 hours. It took a week practising the exercises before I was sleeping through the night and I’m still nervous the condition will return. However, if my insomnia does return I will attend a workshop to help embed The Sleep School philosophy more permanently.

Lynne - Amazon - 10 Sept. 2014

I wish I'd found this book 6 months ago but ...

I wish I’d found this book 6 months ago but thankfully it has got me back to sleeping really well again.

Nanna Sue - Amazon - 7 Sept. 2014


Excellent and very helpful book.

Joseph - Amazon - 8 Aug. 2014

Very easy to read

Very easy to read! I’m half-way through reading it and feeling very optimistic and it is going to help me finally with being able to sleep well.

Susie Reynolds "Susie" - Amazon - 28 July 2014

What I especially like about it is that it is so full of ...

I feel optimistic that it will have a very positive effect on my sleep patterns. What I especially like about it is that it is so full of commonsense. Synopsising it in my own words has also helped. Already by ” Week Three” the anticipatory anxiety I tended to experience at bedtime has greatly diminished, I truly believe that I will recover the kind of sleep I enjoyed for most of my life – maybe I already have! Thank you Dr Meadows.

Raymond P.Nangle - Amazon - 18 July 2014

I can sleep again!

I learned to accept my situation, preserve my energy by not fighting what I cannot beat and be mindful. Thanks

Ivaylo Mihaylov - Amazon - 6 July 2014

Sincere thanks from (hopefully) ex-worrywart

I can be a bit of an ‘evangelist’ when I find an answer, so I’m being careful here. After suffering from insomnia for over 15 years I didn’t think it could be so easy to overcome as I’ve tried almost everything. Having read reviews in a newspaper I downloaded the app (£2.99). I then decided I wanted more info, so downloaded the book and after reading it I’m very pleased I did. A few chapters in and I understood myself much better. I was amazed to notice how many useless, worry thoughts were popping into my head almost non stop. I’ve always been a bit of a worrywart and when trying to sleep thoughts continually go round my head, repeating themselves over and over to no avail. This way of dealing with insomnia has made me sleep much better, more relaxed – which continues through the day. 2 weeks in I still wake up, but go back to sleep easily. I now practice the exercises with the app daily, but not after 2pm as it can make me nod off!

Carrie - Amazon - 5 July 2014

Life changing

I read about this book in The Sunday Times. Downloaded it on Kindle – thinking “nothing to lose”. I have tried so many techniques. I have got so many Sleep Apps on my phone, its embarrassing. But, my goodness. This works. Immediately. I wasn’t the insomniac who had night tremors, or was afraid to go to bed. But I certainly gave my insomnia a league of its own. I limited caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate. I sprinkled lavender oil and Olbas oil under my pillow, listened to the iPlayer on my iPhone under my pillow and when I woke in the early early hours, would do the same. It’s all to simple. Thank you Guy Meadows.

Eileen Harrison - Amazon - 25 Jun. 2014

This book has changed my life

The sleep book has completely changed my approach to insomnia.
It has worked for me when everything else has failed. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from insomnia, no matter of how many years duration.
Thank you Dr Guy Meadows

M Martindale - Amazon - 21 Jun. 2014


so good i bought it twice. Has got terrible sleep back on track. No more tablets. Would recommend this book to everyone.

franworthington - Amazon - 10 Jun. 2014

At Last, A Powerfully, Beautifully and Logically Presented Step-by-Step Plan that Offers Hope to Many

Dr Guy Meadows is a great communicator, and this self-guided programme is presented in a way that inspires optimism and hope. A consummate speaker, Dr Meadows has succeeded in translating his extensive knowledge of mindfulness principles, the new interests in ‘acceptance-based’ psychology, and plain common sense into this handy book format.

Whether you struggle occasionally with the odd sleepless night or have suffered for years, the principles laid out in this easy-to-follow plan offer both mindset and strategy in equal measure. This book is so much more than a thesis on the horrible struggle so many of us have faced; it’s a ‘call-to-arms’ for those who assume they’ve tried just about everything.

Straight-talking, no-nonsense, and yet sensitive to your probable apprehension to this ‘think-outside-the-box’ approach — this is indeed the book to get hold of, if nothing else has managed to fit the bill on a longer-term basis. Be patient, be mindful and be open-minded as you learn the secrets of a good night’s sleep. It’s good that this book has been corrected so that all Kindle formats read it correctly; I’m more old-fashioned; I’m tucked in with the paper copy, so I can read my many scribbles and notes.

Max Eames
Psychotherapist and author of Under the Hood

Max Eames - Amazon - 22 May 2014

Does just what it says on the tin -- but not in the way you expect

Five stars for a book that cuts away the usual methodology of ‘control your sleep by adding yet more rules’ and gets right back down to the basic question: what do normal sleepers do to get to sleep? … Nothing.’Nothing’, I am glad to say, is not the answer this book gives. It does provide the enormous relief of _simplifying_ one’s approach to insomnia.I spent a miserable year in which occasional sleep troubles became more and more pressing until I was trying to work full days on 3 hrs or less sleep (I have always slept 8 hours a night and needed it). After trying just about everything short of drugs and alcohol, I signed up for Guy Meadow’s Sleep School for 6 hrs and bought the book. The course followed the same steps and approach outlined in the book which I’m using to develop my own preferred actions and points to remember.Now, rather than falling into the trap of letting insomnia create more insomnia, I am much more aware of what my body and brain are experiencing and the mechanisms they’re building up when I go short of sleep, and so am in a much better position not to get wound up in it all but to observe calmly, acknowledge what’s happening, minimise adverse effects, and do helpful things so that life continues effectively.Lack of sleep does seem to feed one’s demons, whatever they may be, and neither insomnia nor demons are subject to analytical control … the strength of the ‘sensible’ self is often greatly reduced in sleepless circumstances. The answer is neither easy nor immediate but when you understand it, it does produce that ‘aha’ moment and a brand new approach in which instead of playing a terribly meaningful tug-of-war with your own sleeplessness that you can never win, you just don’t pick up your end of the rope.There may still be days where you wonder how on earth you’re going to manage, but based on my experience, you will manage better by applying the principles at the end of the book. And gradually the sleep improves alongside the ability to deal with the lack of sleep. The very simple step-by-step mindfulness exercises outlined in the middle sections of the book really do help if done as described, and are useful in everyday life too.No more expensive cherry melatonin precursors, no more anxiety about half a glass of wine or computer work past the evening deadline, no more dread of the bed, no more valerian tea, thank God. (Valerian apparently is the most attractive substance in the world to slime moulds, which crawl after it. You really can tell by the smell.)Thoroughly recommended, especially if up till now you’ve gone down the route of rigorous sleep hygiene, rules, and control methods to the point where you’re wondering where your life has gone.

Surprise bonus: endows the user with power over jet lag.

K. L. Scarfe Beckett - Amazon - 5 May 2014

Great book

This is helping me a lot it takes a lot of digestion but once you get your head around it it is great

LINDAATTMERE - Amazon - 3 May 2014

A Great Help

I found the book very helpful. I am a very analytical person and I have spent many long night-time hours struggling to understand how my insomnia was triggered, why it leaves me but comes back with vengeance and why I can’t control it despite having no serious worries. The book explained all this and now I understand what is going on in my head. This is a great start in working towards better sleep.

john seaton - Amazon - 28 April 2014

heard him on the radio

I have had trouble sleeping for over a year .my friend told me about guy been on the radio so with nothing to lose I tuned in not only did he speak alot of sense but I felt he really understood my problem .so I downloaded his book , am now on week 2 can;t say I am sleeping through the night yet but it’s defintley working as now having at least 5 hours and when I do wake up I’m not stressing about it . So all in all I would recommend this book

susie q - Amazon - 18 April 2014

Bookworm (insomniac)

This is the latest in a line of get me to sleep help articles, saw it advertised in a daily newspaper. A lot of good sense, interesting, Dr. Meadows changed his views and advice on suffering a period of insomnia himself. Have started to try it out, (I actually work nights which complicates things further) He does want shooting though for saying if a hot flush wakes you up, just lay there and ignore it, I would like to see him try! I would recomend it to anyone with plenty of time, you need to read the book through several times, and it is a 5 weeks programme

Ann Carol Langford "bookworm" - Amazon - 17 April 2014

Finally! A cure for my insomnia!

I first came across Dr Guy Meadow’s podcast over 18 months ago and was so impressed by his approach that I sought out an ACT psychologist in Melbourne to help me apply this approach to my insomnia, which I’ve struggled with on and off for around a decade. When I heard he had written a book, I pre-ordered it and waited in anticipation for its arrival for months. Finally when I read his book and applied what I had learnt through ACT I realized I needed to stop struggling with insomnia and within days I was sleeping normally again. And now when I have poor sleep, instead of fighting insomnia and inducing crippling anxiety, I simply embrace my insomnia and use the techniques in Dr Meadow’s book. I can’t recommend this book and the ACT approach to insomnia highly enough. It was a last resort for me after trying every other pill, potion and therapy available. ACT is simple to implement and more effective than any other insomnia treatment out there.

Mez Moz - Amazon - 9 April 2014

Dr Guy what a guy!!!

Excellent logical and easy to follow couldn’t recommend Dr Guy enough !
Being mindful is the way to go and not only has it made sleep better but has improved many other aspects of my personality

B Bennett - Amazon - 7 April 2014

Highly Recommended

I attended Guy’s Sleep School a month ago and followed up by purchasing his book. I must say I was quite sceptical at first during the sleep school session, but as time went on during the day, I became more and more convinced that his methods could possibly work!! I have found the book very helpful as it confirms all and more that Guy covered in the daily session. I can actually say that I have purchased the book for my son and am about to purchase another copy for a friend. I know Guy said this was no easy fix and I appreciate that but I can also say that I have already felt some improvement in my sleep pattern so THANKS GUY.

Mike W - Amazon - 2 April 2014

The Sleep Book

I attended one of Dr Guy’s sleep courses which worked brilliantly for me, so much so that after 2 years I threw away the notes that went with the course. After a few stressful events, my sleepless came back, so I bought this book knowing that the strategies in it really do work. I find the style so sympathtic and the methods really effective. I keep the book handy to remind me of the mindfulness exercises to practice so that I can keep on track with my sleep. This book realy does work and I have already recommended Dr Guy to friends who have sleep problems.

Mrs B J Rowley - Amazon - 2 April 2014

Extremely professional - Dr Guy Meadows

After I had my second baby I struggled to sleep, even when my baby slept, then I decided to read Dr Guy Meadows book and also attend one of his workshops, which was extremely helpful and I can say that my sleep has definitely improved!!!

Gaile - Amazon - 2 April 2014

Thank you Dr Guy Meadows

This is a very good book. Its clearly set out, discusses the relevant issues to Insomnia and I learned a lot about why problems arise. I have found in the last week that my fear of sleeping has diminished and I am using the Mindfulness skills in the book very well. One of the best books I have read on this subject – and I have read a few!!

Angela Marston - Amazon - 28 Mar. 2014

The book does everything it says on the cover

I’m sure i’m no different to many people who for one reason or another can’t get a good nights sleep, either have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up i the night, then can’t get back to sleep.
Also have tried many over the counter remedies, and some obscure concoctions, legal or not.
Well after reading Dr Guy’s sleep book its so obvious what a waste of time money and energy these attempts through the use of “drugs” were.
The system he uses, “mindfulness” works, for Me 100%.
You must try it, it worked almost right away for me, perhaps i’m a willing patient.
What ever you do please read the whole book.
Don’t give up, its absolutely worth it.

Keith M. Balmer "balmer" - Amazon - 25 Mar. 2014

The only thing that works

Having read and tried everything else on the market to try and cure my insomnia this book was a godsend. I did go to see Dr Meadows once and together with The Sleep Book which consolidated all that he asked me to do I am now sleeping well once again. Thank you Dr Meadows for giving me my life back

Julie Bennett - Amazon - 22 Mar. 2014


Great book for combating insomnia using revolutionary approach pioneered by leading sleep physiologist Dr Guy Meadows and is the result of several years experience in successfully treating clients at his clinic. The mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Techniques (ACT) are easier and less gruelling to implement than traditional CBT methods and in my experience so far, more effective. The 5-step plan teaches you how to stop struggling with your insomnia, get back to sleeping better and start living your life again. It doesn’t pretend to be a quick fix but even after using the techniques for just a short while, I’m already sleeping better. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone with sleeping difficulties.

Xavier74 - Amazon - 1 Mar. 2014

excellent book

This guy gets it. This is a long term solution to insomnia. It’s not an easy fix – but that’s his point. Strongly recommend.

Adam - Amazon - 27 Feb. 2014

Great book great Guy

I have been waiting for this book since Guy told me he was writing it!Guy has helped me enormously with my sleep and this book enables Guy to reach everyone with his life changing advice!If you suffer from too many sleepless nights or you know someone who does ….buy this book for yourself or others.

katharine "Kath" - Amazon - 19 Feb. 2014

kindle version works fine for me

Loved this book! So incredibly useful and LOVE the approach… It’s made such a difference to how I approach sleep and consequentially sleeping so much better!

S. M. Bjorkenstam - Amazon - 19 Feb. 2014


Dr. Guy meadows was extremely helpful when I suffered with post natal insomnia after having had my baby girl. His strategies are based on science and fact, but are put across with great humanity. I would highly recommend dr. Guy for anyone experiencing insomnia or anxiety around sleep.Very grateful mum of baby Evie 🙂

kerry farrell - Amazon - 16 Feb. 2014


The Sleep School App helps you practice The Sleep School sleep tools & techniques until you have mastered them for life.

The app delivers The Sleep School approach across its 5 core areas in a highly interactive audio-visual format.

The Sleep App contains the following functionality:


Insomnia Survey

Introduction survey to help you understand where to focus your attention within the app.


5 x Case-Study Animations 

Based on a real-life past clients that The Sleep School has helped overcome insomnia with. These highlight the most prevalent issues affecting insomniacs and then how to overcome them.


5 x Audio Tracks

Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy audio recordings guided by Dr. Guy Meadows.


Sleep Tracker

To help you keep note of improvements in the quality of your sleep & to keep you on track


Interactive Sleep Quiz

To teach you everything they need to know about insomnia & sleep.

Customer Reviews

Awesome Sleep App

It’s been a while since I slept this well! Feel like my old self again! Thanks sleep school!

trickymiky - iTunes - 28 Sep 2014

A refreshing new approach to insomnia

As a clinician working with individuals who experience sleep difficulties and also being a sufferer of insomnia myself I welcomed Guy Meadows’ approach using ACT for insomnia. Instead of continuously telling people the do’s and don’ts of sleep, this approach helps people change their relationship with sleep difficulties. It does this by asking you to focus on what’s important to you and stop fighting with sleep problems, instead embracing them (and even welcoming them into bed with you!). The Sleep School App and The Sleep Book have both been extremely in assisting myself and my clients to address sleep difficulties. I particularly like the mindfulness exercises, the quiz and the helpful way you can monitor your progress. I would definitely recommend this to clinicians and sufferers of sleep difficulties.

Emma O’Donoghue – iTunes – 22 September 2014

A great addition to the book

I bought this app after reading the book – so great to have all the tools whilst on the move. Just been away on holiday and never normally sleep. The app helped me to not panic and ended up sleeping like a baby. Highly recommended.

Zandar123 - iTunes – 5 September 2014


This has helped me no end to stop worrying so much about not sleeping.  The tools do work and in the last four months it has helped me.  I now have the book and using these together.  It’s not cured it yet but the improvement is amazing.

Stephen Boot - iTunes - 25th Aug 2014

Sleep better than ever

So pleased I found this app.  Practiced the tools and I am now sleeping better than ever.

Would recommend to all insomnia sufferers.

Badspecker - iTunes - 9 Jul 2014

Really Helpful App

This app helped me to work out what was going on with my sleep and gave me a plan to get it back on track.  I have slept well since I started using it.  I have the odd poor night, but I don’t panic about it any more.  Love the animations, so helpful!

Catzzz123 - iTunes - 3 Jul 2014

A huge help

So, so helpful.  Perfect companion to their book.  Love the case-study animations too!

ajwbaxter - iTunes - 2 Apr 2014

The Sleep School

Terrific new app for combating insomnia, based on revolutionary new approach pioneered by leading sleep physiologist Dr Guy Meadows.  The mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Techniques (ACT) are far easier and less gruelling to implement than traditional CBT methods and in my experience more effective.  The 5-step plan uses a carefully designed, informative yet playful approach, to teach you how to stop struggling with your insomnia, start sleeping naturally again and getting your life back.  I’ve been using the techniques for just over a week and am already sleeping better.

I’d highly recommend this app, (which is a great accompaniment to Dr Guy Meadows’ excellent book “The Sleep Book – How to Sleep Well Every Night) to anyone battling with insomnia.

Eddie194 - iTunes - 1 Mar 2014