100% Client Recommended


“I just wanted to write to thank you for all of your help. After following the gentle programme which you provided me with during our One-to-One sessions and using The Sleep School App to help me with the exercises, I am pleased to say that I have just completed one month without using any sleeping medication and now have limited anxiety when going to bed. This was a massive step for me as I had been dependent on using Zopiclone for around 5 years. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who suffers from sleeping issues. Many thanks indeed.” 

Melissa Katsoulis

“My one-day sleep seminar has completely transformed my attitude to sleep and therefore my daily wellbeing. I didn’t know what to expect from a room full of insomniacs and a media/friendly “guru” but any misgivings were quickly put aside by Dr Guy’s relaxed, funny attitude and obvious expertise and intelligence.

It was great to share experiences with the other students, and to try some mindfulness exercises for the first time. But the best thing was just listening to Dr Guy’s intelligent unpicking of the mechanics of insomnia. He’s a great teacher and was able to explain the physiology of sleeping (and not-sleeping) in a way that gave me great tools for dealing with the 3am horrors.

A year on, sleeping through the night has become the norm for the first time in years. I never believed this could happen without drugs. I still have a bad night sometimes (and occasionally pop the odd pill) but miraculously when I do I don’t get in a panic about it. I would recommend the Sleep School to anyone without hesitation.”

Angela Dix

“I suffered from insomnia for at least 20 years. It became an overwhelming, crippling problem that dominated my  life and for which there seemed to be no real help. My GP had said that my problem wasn’t bad enough to refer me to St Thomas’ sleep clinic, despite my pleas. I often had to miss events in the evening because I felt too tired to go and was worried how the lack of sleep  had affected my appearance. Sometimes the insomnia would last a few days and I would drag myself around with very little energy. I worried about taking a more senior role at work because I didn’t trust myself to be alert enough to fulfil the role. Indeed, I was concerned at the effect the insomnia was having on my work performance. I tried a number of cures, such as counselling and autogenic training, as well as medication. I had almost given up, but in 2010, a sympathetic boss encouraged me to try once more to find treatment. I was lucky enough to find Dr Guy Meadows and The Sleep School. It was a great relief to find a sleep specialist and someone as kind, knowledgeable and skilled as Guy. The sessions were relaxing and Guy was very good at tuning into my particular issues. I also appreciated the written material he provided me with, some of which was adapted specifically to me. Guy introduced me to mindfulness which has fundamentally changed my attitude to life. It didn’t happen straight away, but has developed over time. Most importantly, since attending The Sleep School 6 years ago, my relationship to sleep/sleeplessness has changed and I have not needed nor wanted to take sleeping pills. My insomnia is greatly reduced and if I have a night when I don’t sleep well, I relax in the knowledge that I’ll get through the next day and  probably sleep better the following night, which is usually the case. This is a huge contrast to my experience prior to attending The Sleep School. I honestly thought I had an incurable problem, but it wasn’t true, thanks to Dr Guy Meadows, whom I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Helen Thomas

“I attended the sleep school workshop in October 2015. I had been experiencing severe insomnia for almost a year after hormonal issues had disturbed my sleep pattern. The workshop has made a huge difference to my life. I have improved my quality of sleep enormously and feel so much better. All the help and advice made perfect sense to me and I realised that I had been building habits which were detrimental to my sleep. I have been able to implement the Sleep School methods to break these patterns and get back to a normal restful sleep. I highly recommend the workshop and am so pleased I attended.”

Maria - Chile

“Thanks to Dr. Guy Meadows I recovered my enthusiasm for life. I even feel completely revived. Due to my insomnia I lost my job and my relationships got damaged, I thought I had lost everything worth in life; even though it took a while to notice some changes in my sleep patterns,once I started to accept my condition and started living my life again, my sleep started to improve gradually. Today I sleep 7-8 hours per night, I’m not afraid of going to bed and want to live my life fully. Thanks for enriching my life!”

Beth (Plymouth)

“I have suffered from Chronic Insomnia for eight years now and didn’t feel I would ever feel well and happy again. After feeling like I had lost all hope I came across The Sleep School website online and booked my place on the one day workshop. It was a huge relief for me to meet Guy Meadows and others who knew and understood what I had been going through. I found the workshop to be a hugely rewarding experience and it has opened many new doors for me. I now feel I don’t have to fight and struggle with my insomnia anymore and I am learning to accept it for what it is and let it be. Since meeting Guy my sleep has improved dramatically and I can honestly say I feel like a new person and ready and able to look forward to the future. I cannot thank Guy enough for his help and support but most of all for letting me realise that I am not alone and there are people out there who can help and understand.”

Sarah Broadley

”After 9 years of insomnia and trying a whole host of ‘treatments’ and attempts to ‘cure’. I then attended a The Sleep School workshop and i can say it is the best thing I have ever tried – it throws everything else out of the window.

I attended 5 weeks prior to my wedding day, so naturally stress levels were super high therefore sleep was becoming a massive issue. Before the workshop and for a few days after the thought of sharing a bed for 2 weeks on honeymoon was feeling me with fear & anxiety, but as the wedding approached I started feeling confident and had some really good nights…then whilst away I had some of the best nights i had had in a very long time. I slept in different beds, in heat, with fans blowing, with cars outside celebrating the euro win and pretty much without earplugs and eye masks! I even had to give sleep advice to my almost narcoleptic husband when he had a bad night!

Loving not feeling sick, sore, confused, angry, hopeless everyday! Pretty certain people are preferring my better mood too!

Looking forward to enjoying bed time every night.

Thank you so much.


Jenny (United Kingdom)

“This programme has changed my life in a very big way. I am a much happier person and I feel so much better after 10 years of not sleeping very well. I look at life in a much better way now. I used to just get though the day and dread going to bed, whereas now I don’t worry about it or think too much about not being able to sleep, as it now seems to just happen. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.”

Lori (Colorado)

”I had seen several doctors including sleep doctors and found no relief from CBT or their other suggestions and the medications offered. It was very frustrating. Until I found The Sleep School’s programme, I thought something irreparable had happened to my sleep drive and I would have insomnia for the rest of my life. Their explanation enabled me to gain some perspective on my insomnia. The programme doesn’t require any major changes or adaptations to your life. It’s easy to implement, and once you get the hang of it, it really is so helpful for improving your sleep. Some of the exercises are good to practise for daily life stressors as well.

‘It’s been a year since starting the programme and I am happy to say that I sleep pretty darn well. Instead of the two, three, four hours of broken sleep that I used to have, I am sleeping about seven hours per night and more on the weekends!”

John Armstrong - London

“As a Police Officer I had worked unbearable shifts for most of my career. When I stopped my body and brain simply couldn’t get into a normal sleeping routine and when combined with life stress I found myself in a spiral of insomnia. I’d tried all the usual things…sleeping pills, exercise, night caps and none of it worked! I attended a 1 day workshop and Guy’s dynamic yet simple approach resonated well with me. I adopted the acceptance theory combined with mindfulness and quickly found myself able to sleep normally again. I recommend The Sleep Schools classes for shift workers and anyone struggling with sleep difficulties. It does work!”

Ellen Marie - Norway

“My sleep problems starter after a stressful period of my life. I was working a lot and had some issues in my private life. It all started with a couple of nights where I was not able to fall a sleep. This got worse, and suddenly I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I tried everything, from herbs, to whale sounds and sleeping medication. I practically used all my free time thinking about sleep problems or reading about them.

Nothing worked and it got worse. After a year with no sleep I started to develop anxiety and mild depression. I haven never experienced anything worse. It felt like my life was ruined and all I could think about was sleep (or the fact that I didn’t). I tried to control it, but there was no use. The more I did the worse it got. I dreaded every night. It affected my social life, work and my mental health.

I thought i tried everything and then I found The Sleep School. Since I live in Norway it was difficult for me to attend a workshop, so I got a Skype session with Dr. Guy. That was my turning point, and I think he saved my life. His method is easy to understand, but you must commit yourself to do the work. I found it a little hard in the beginning, but after a while it became part of my daily routine. 

After a few weeks I slept like a baby again, and still do (1.5 years later). I am not afraid of my insomnia anymore, and I do experience some bad nights, but normal sleepers do too. Thanks to The Sleep School I got my life back, and am no longer thinking of sleep, I’m just sleeping.”

David - UK

“Having experienced insomnia for as long as forty years, it has been a delight to enjoy satisfactory sleep employing the techniques learnt whilst attending one of The Sleep Schools workshops .The techniques are subtle but effective. I am convinced that the techniques used will eventually become universally accepted practice amongst medical professionals.”

Carol Campbell (London)

“I had not slept for 5 years – my only way through the night was sleeping tablets until I decided to book onto a Sleep School Workshop. Through Dr. Guy’s wisdom I turned my whole relationship with sleep upside down. He will give you everything you need to support yourself from the inside out, to get you to sleep.”

Anna (Brighton)

“I just wanted to write to thank you for all that you taught me. I am so grateful for the exercises and the wise words, it has been life changing, and I am pleased to report that things have been hugely better for several months now. I understand that sleep can never be ‘perfect’, so I am under no illusion that this is a change for ever. However, this is the important bit: I really feel that the techniques you taught me are something I can always call upon, if I go through bad periods in the future. The revelation that ‘thoughts can not harm me’ was incredibly freeing. And if I feel I need a top-up session, I will be sure to come back! I have also used some of your techniques in day-to-day situations of stress and anxiety as well, and they work well for keeping me grounded. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, no-one else is doing it, and I’m so glad I found you, it was worth every penny.”

Neya (London)

“I went to see Dr. Guy Meadows after I went through a divorce. I had suffered sleeping problems when I experienced a bout of depression, and it affected my confidence once I started dating. I worried that I would be unable to start a new relationship due to my sleeping problems. In one session, Dr Meadows taught me not to be afraid of sleeplessness, and taught me some tools and techniques to fall back on if I needed them. This increased my confidence and helped me to stop seeing myself as an insomniac. I am pleased to say that although I still have the occasional sleepless night, I have lost my fear, and I am now in a long-term relationship with a man who happily snores by my side.”

Simon - London

“I can’t recommend Guy highly enough. Having struggled to sleep for the best part of a decade, to the point where it had a serious impact on my life, i was almost resigned to being a lifelong insomniac. I tried all the usual techniques- hot milk, sleeping pills, sleep restriction techniques- but as is so often the case, the simplest answer is the right one. Guy explained his philosophies superbly, and I can honestly sat after just one session my sleep improved markedly in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, the techniques he teaches are applicable to so many areas of life, I have found our session to be beneficial in many ways I could never have imagined. If you struggle to sleep and worry about it- do yourself a huge favour and go and see Guy.”

Lowri (Brighton)

“I am so happy, I really thought that the insomnia would never go away, but my whole attitude and relationship to it has changed and therefore the insomnia has changed. Maybe sometime it will briefly return but in my Sleep School tool bag I have all the equipment I need to tackle it. I recommend anyone suffering with insomnia to see Dr. Guy Meadows, it’s worth every penny and it’s such a simple and natural technique. I am eternally grateful. Thank you from a well rested Lowri!”

Richard (Surrey)

“I had suffered sleeping difficulties for some 40 years which, over the past 15 years, had controlled my life in a very negative way. Having tried Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Autogenic Training, Clinical Hypnosis and a visit to Papworth Hospital sleep clinic I found myself with chronic insomnia and for the last 2 years resorted to a sleeping tablet every night to survive. Whilst searching the internet for a solution to insomnia I discovered Dr Guy Meadows at The Sleep School. My initial thoughts were that this will not work but as a last resort I would give it a try. I am astounded by the results of my sessions. I seem to have spent my life living in the past and future but not the present which Guy identified is where my problems lie. There is no hocus pocus to this treatment but easy mindful discussion and exercise. I have stopped taking my tablets and to date am getting enough sleep each night. The course was so very simple that the results are just amazing. You may think it sounds too good to be true but the truth is it is not – for me this treatment really worked and so far has had lasting results.”

Caroline Mack (London)

“After a couple of house and job moves my sleep had started to suffer terribly. I was always one of those people who didn’t seek help for a problem – if I ignored it for long enough it would surely fix itself. My husband finally persuaded me to go and see Guy and that phone call changed my life. My sleep problems were fixed but more than that Guy changed my entire outlook on life. People often ask me what exactly he does – but it is different for every person. He is qualified in a range of disciplines and is able to take a holistic view of your life and apply specific measures to combat your specific issues. He is an absolute pleasure to work with – always at the end of a phone or email to answer questions, give advice or explain his methods between appointments. I seriously could not recommend going to see Guy enough – even if you don’t have sleep problems! Mine are fixed but I will continue to see him as he has opened my eyes to the world around me!”

Val (London)

I have often struggled with insomnia on occasion but it was something I thought I just had to put up with.  However, recently it started to occur more and more often and was having an impact on the quality of my life.  I had tried various ways to combat it:  music, herbal pills, relaxation techniques but these offered little help.  I discovered Guy’s course online and decided to book his workshop.  I am so glad I did!  I learnt so much about insomnia and how what I was doing to try and get to sleep was actually often preventing me from doing so!   I only wish I had discovered this years ago!

Sophie (Italy)

“Periods of severe insomnia had been blighting my life for the past few years before I contacted The Sleep School. I had tried every alternative remedy and was reduced to taking sleeping pills in order to fall asleep every night. My bed had become a battleground – and the insomnia was affecting my work, relationships and entire outlook on life. Contacting Dr Guy Meadows was a last ditch attempt to find a solution. Nonetheless, I had already resigned myself to the fact that insomnia was something I could only hope to learn to live with. I could never have imagined that Dr Meadows’ plan might have worked so well as it did! The beauty of his course (conducted by telephone at a distance) was also in its simplicity – teaching the body to remember it’s most natural of abilities – that of sleep – through a number of very elementary steps. At the same time, the course worked to eliminate the fear (and therefore the source) of not sleeping. For the first time in many years, sleep has become a pleasure again – something I can achieve easily and naturally, without fear or medication. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Meadows’ course for anyone for whom insomnia is starting to have a negative impact on their lives. I myself am hugely grateful to Dr Meadows.”

Suzie (Australia)

“I would totally recommend Dr Guy and The Sleep School to anyone who has wrestled with the insomnia. He’s professional and obviously an expert, however his techniques are both easy to understand and if you persevere I believe they will be long-lasting. After 13 years of experiencing insomnia on and off, I feel much better at dealing with my insomnia and thus my relationship to it has vastly improved.”

Rachel (United Kingdom)

“The time I spent with you last month was the best money I have invested in a very long time! The mindfulness and acceptance technique you taught me has not only improved the quality and duration of my sleep; it has fundamentally changed the way in which I deal with life. Being able to create distance between myself and my own thoughts and emotions, has given me such an amazing freedom and empowerment! Letting go of the rope has enabled me to create the space to make choices about my life, rather than letting myself be pulled around. With regards to my sleep, the first night I put the technique into practise, my thoughts went into overdrive and my insomnia was the worst it had ever been. But by the second night, I was starting to sleep for longer periods and if I did wake up, I was getting back to sleep much sooner than I had been. Now when I go to bed, I am a sleep within minutes and whilst I still wake up a couple of times during the night, I fall back to sleep very quickly. Thank you for enriching my life!”

Helena (United Kingdom)

“I had been suffering from insomnia on and off for about 3 years, and it had been particularly bad over the last 12 months. I felt as though I was living in a fog of tiredness, that I was detached from reality due to sheer exhaustion. My mood was very labile and my tiredness was affecting my relationships, my social life and my work. I had tried lots of things in the past, knew all about sleep hygiene and was taking sleeping tablets intermittently. I was sceptical that there was anything further that could be done. When my husband convinced me that I should just see if there was somebody who might be able to help, I found out about one of Guy’s free introductory seminars and went along. Being a doctor myself, I was impressed with his scientific background and knowledge and his program sounded very detailed. I felt hopeful that this might actually work and I wasn’t disappointed! Guy is very thorough and tailors the program specifically to each person’s problems, both physiologically and psychologically. He is a great support throughout and makes you realise that you aren’t alone. My insomnia has gone and I am living a more mindful, relaxed and happier life. I highly recommend Guy if you are suffering from insomnia, to get your life and enjoyment of it back again is amazing. I feel like a normal person again!”

Sam (United Kingdom)

“Brilliant! Did not know what to expect when I walked in, but Guy managed to show me a completely new way of understanding and coping with insomnia. This new perspective aided by logical, calm methods has improved my sleeping no end!”

Henry (Canada)

“Well the first thing I should say is thank you for your time, effort and energy, you have helped me to get back on track, giving my life purpose and meaning again. I have been sleeping almost every night and am now not going through life sleep deprived. I did have a moment after starting my new job, when my sleep started to take a turn for the worse. But I re-read all my notes and started doing the exercises that you have taught me more regularly again and before I knew it I was back to sleeping. My anxiety has also reduced dramatically and when I feel that I am becoming a little anxious the first thing I do is notice it and because I am no longer afraid of it, it quickly dissipates and I am able to continue on without feeling overwhelmed.’

Jessica (United Kingdom)

“When I first went to The Sleep School I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was only getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep per night. I now sleep 7-8 hours most nights. I haven’t had a sick day from work in 6 months. The program that got my sleep back on track also changed my perspective and meditation has become part of my daily life. I recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from insomnia.‎”

Katharine (United Kingdom)

“When I approached Dr. Guy Meadows I was at my wits’ end. My sleepless nights were habitual and the light at the end of my tunnel appeared to be temporarily switched off. Guy really appeared to understand my issues and recommended some simple but hugely effective techniques. Within only weeks of following the programme I was seeing and experiencing major positive change. Now, I periodically sleep through my alarm – how wonderful is that in comparison to where I was prior to the programme. I appreciate that I might ‘relapse’ occasionally but I don’t worry because I now have all the techniques and tools to get myself back on track. I would recommend Guy to anyone who suffers with insomnia – he really can help you get your life back. Thank you Guy you have been my saviour.”

Aziz (United Kingdom)

“Firstly to say thank you for your support and help. I have reached a point I didn’t think possible with my sleep. I am sleeping better now and although I do have the odd “bad night” it doesn’t impact me the way it used to. The mindfulness exercises have given me the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the moment, instead of letting my mind race about and create situations in my head that aren’t real.’

Haroon Khan (Munich)

“I would like to recommend Dr Meadows as he has provided excellent help and therapy techniques to help with relaxation and anxiety relief that lead to better sleep. This was done over the phone as I live in Munich and could not make it to London to see him, never the less I found it very effective.”

Karen (London)

“I have suffered with Insomnia on and off for several years, this time being the worst. I felt that it had totally took over my life which left me feeling exhausted, emotional and with very low concentration. I had tried everything from herbal remedies to acupuncture and was also refered by my GP to the Royal London but was left feeling disappointed and desperate. I then searched the Internet looking for help myself when I found Dr Guy Meadows at The Sleep School. Guy has given me my life back, I no longer dread going to bed anymore and there maybe nights when I don’t sleep so good but rather than fight them Guy has taught me how to accept them. I can not thank you enough and would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Siobhan (Essex)

“I have been a poor sleeper since my first child was born 30 years ago but in the past 10 years this has got worse, often getting very little sleep. I discovered The Sleep School through the internet and attended Guy’s weekend workshop which was most enjoyable, worthwhile and informative. The techniques used – the positive approach to life, living in the present moment and using Guy’s plan have really made a difference. I found this approach to be very helpful in dealing with sleep problems and also very useful in everyday life. I am now enjoying much better sleep and a better quality of life. Thank you Guy.”

DW (York)

“I’ve tried numerous “cures” for my insomnia over the years, but none worked beyond the first few days. More than a month since attending a workshop and Guy’s approach is making a huge difference to my life. What’s more it’s not only improved my sleeping, but is also helped me feel less anxious or stressed during the day. If you suffer from insomnia then jump in. You won’t regret it.”

Dan (Manchester)

“The mindfulness approach was easy to understand and believe in. I was pleased that it was a natural approach and did not involve the use of drugs. The workshop demonstrated to me that I was not the only person in the world to suffer from insomnia! I think it is very rare that insomniacs gather together as a group and have fun at the same time. The workshop was a huge help to me and gave me hope for the future.”

Jenny (Hertfordshire)

“This programme has changed my life in a very big way. I am a much happier person and I feel so much better after 10 years of not sleeping very well. I look at life in a much better way now. I used to just get though the day and dread going to bed, whereas now I don’t worry about it or think too much about not being able to sleep, as it now seems to just happen. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.”

Kathy Woods (UK)

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help in sorting out my sleep! As you know I suddenly stopped sleeping when previously had no problem. This had been going on for 5 long months and very often I just did not sleep at all. All my GP could do was give me 2 weeks of sleeping tablets and then suggested antidepressants which I knew I did not need! The situation completely took over my life as I was so utterly exhausted! However I saw you for one and half hours and went away feeling positive! I immediately put the programme into practice and within a week was sleeping without props! No tablets, warm milk or hours of relaxation tapes! I am now back to leading a normal life! Sleeping, drinking and socialising! It is not easy at times to be disciplined and focused but so worth the effort! I know the skills learnt will be helpful in day to day life. So thank you! It was the best money I have spent in a long time.”

John M (UK)

“I found the approach that Guy uses logical even though some of the techniques seemed strange at first they did seem to have an effect and with practice they became easier to implement. I also liked not having to try to sleep and to be able to abandon the rituals that I had around bedtime. My fear of not sleeping has also improved to the point that even if I do have an occasional poor nights sleep (who doesn’t!!) I don’t worry about it now or think about it the next day and my energy levels and mood have also improved. I have been trying for over 2 years for a way to improve my insomnia, without much success and the approach and methods that Guy uses together with the sense of confidence that he instils have made a very positive impact to my sleepless nights.”

Sophie (Oxford)

“As a sixteen year old I am at a very important time in my academic life. With GCSE’s looming I know I couldn’t have coped with my insomnia during this time. Thankfully I was steered in the direction of Dr. Meadows. With the well thought out program he planned for me that was fitted around my day-to-day life, I found it remarkably easy to transform my fretful nights into sleeping soundly. I would advise Dr. Meadow’s program to anybody with this problem.”

Leslie Lancaster (London)

“I visited Dr. Meadows for a 1.5 hour session and immediately saw how the techniques he spoke about would be effective. It did take discipline to put everything into practice, but even though I am naturally an impatient person I could see how the process was working from the first day and just stuck with it. Over time I learnt how to let go of my insomnia and am now sleeping well regularly! The human mind is an animal all on its own that I’ve learnt often needs to be tamed in a way, Dr. Meadows shows you how this can be achieved.”

Jane Lynch Watson (Banbury)

“Doing the programme with you has been a real eye-opener. What I had expected was to discover that the diagnosis of my sleep problem and the process of overcoming it would consist of a ‘cure’ or new technique from outside myself but I have learned that both diagnosis and solution were right here within me. I realised that the habits of a lifetime, all 73 years of it, had brought about my poor sleep situation, whereas previously I had thought I was just unlucky to be a person with a sleep problem. That really for me was the key and the good news was that I learned from you that I could change my attitude and get off the treadmill of pills, tapes and, if desperate, compensatory naps in the day. Although I had come across the concept of mindfulness before, I had always thought I was not the kind of person who went in for such things. I have realised that insomnia is not just about sleep but also about the way one lives particularly in this rather frenetic age which encourages us to rush through rather than savouring our lives, sleep being just one of the casualties.”

Louis Duffy (London)

“I attended The Sleep School workshop and it transformed my approach to insomnia. Guy tackles this problem holistically and very sympathetically by focusing on aspects of insomnia such as unhelpful thoughts. The techniques used in the workshop are also relevant for life in general. Since completing the workshop, I experienced a fairly stressful period in my life however thanks to Guy, my sleep did not suffer. My only problem now is sleeping too much!”

Graham (London)

“Dr Meadows has something very special. I had not been sleeping for 9 months and felt my bed and body were vibrating throughout the night. I had thought it must the tube I live near, and was beginning to think I had to change my flat and my way of living to cure this which was really beginning to affect my life. One session literally with Dr Meadows changed this. Two things he said changed everything. Firstly and before I had mentioned this point, he said that many people think they can move to a different location and all will be changed, but in fact nothing changes at all. This was so important for me, as it took a big internal anxiety away. Secondly he said embrace the issue, the insomniac I had grown accustomed to. When I wake up in the middle of the night, embrace it and let it be and be calm and do not change my alarm clock to a later time to get more sleep etc, in other words not to feed the problem. This was unbelievable, the next day I slept and never had the problem again. Thanks so much Dr Meadows.”

David Black (London)

“I’m pleased to say that since seeing Dr. Guy Meadows I have been sleeping really well, in fact better than I have for many years! Although I don’t constantly practice your techniques I draw on them whenever I feel uneasy about sleeping (or other things). I can’t tell you its one particular technique I use, just a mish mash of many of the things we discussed. As I said, I generally don’t get so dramatic about my sleep as I realise I’ll always sleep in the end (however anxious I may get) IM NOT GOING TO DIE! If I feel myself thinking about sleep I don’t try to block it out, but welcome the thoughts. If I feel anxious I don’t try to run from it, but sit with it and let it wash over me. Basically I don’t run from my thoughts or emotions but welcome them treating them as naughty friends! As I said, if I’m having trouble sleeping I never TRY to get to sleep (it cant be done). Basically I accept and observe whatever happens. This said I do have occasional bad night followed by twitchy days where I can’t seem to stop my mind racing but I know I’ll always get through it. The bad nights are just an opportunity to practice the techniques (I cant lose!!!). I could go on and on and even bore YOU with this stuff but as I’m writing I’m realising just how many of the things we discussed are being used in my life. They’re just kind of in my subconscious ready to be used as and when I need them like a little utility belt in my mind. Maybe I should practice the techniques more often even when I’m sleeping/feeling fine but this is working for me right now and, as you say , people who sleep well don’t think about why or how, they just do. Its also nice to know you’re there if I ever lose my way and get all dramatic again! (that’s my sabotage thought kicking in!). In conclusion….. Yes you’ve helped me greatly and if you ever ran for prime minister you would get my vote!”

Joanna Mack (UK)

“I found the experience of Skypeing the clinic was beneficial and extremely timely. I felt that I had fallen into an abyss of insomnia, it was the main theme of my life for a while and affected every aspect of my life. It was like a rope ladder being thrown down a long dried out well, initially something to cling on to, then something I could use myself to extricate myself from the well. It feels like it will always be in place now, so even if I fall down that bloody well again, deep in my brain I know there is a ladder there. Your explanation of a response in the mid brain, a new response that is strengthened each time that it is activated went straight into my subconscious and has stayed there, it feels exactly the right description for my experience of insomnia. This recognition has been key to lessening its grip on me, something that feels understood is much less threatening. I have recommended The Sleep School highly to others and will continue to do so.”

Rob (London)

“Through visiting and meeting Guy I was able to move on from the worry of not being able to sleep. Though I had been improving in my sleep his calm and patient steps through often very simple techniques gave me a means not to control or fight my insomnia as most medical methods suggest, but to just let go. Through these techniques I began to notice not just my sleep improve over time, which it did in fact I am sleeping probably deeper and better than I ever have, but they also help to improve your waking life by giving you the means to step out of yourself for a while and give your body and mind a break. A very useful skill in today’s world. When a month ago I had a run of bad nights not only did the techniques help to stop me getting stressed and fall back into old mistakes about sleep, Guy gave me some simple and clear advice on the matter that helped reassure me and allow me to move past it. Frankly this method should be the first port of call for any one with sleep problems and please, please if you have sleep issues give yourself a break and visit Guy.”

Dessi (London)

“I visited Guy after a period of about 4 months of intermittent insomnia which was making me very anxious. Guy’s approach is different from the typical CBT techniques which I found did not work for me. By accepting what is already happening and not trying to change it I have found that I am much more able to let go and as a result my sleep has improved. Mindfulness has had much more positive effects on my life in terms of increased happiness and contentment.”

Chris Finnley (London)

“Guy’s approach was for me to really try and understand how my insomnia was feeding on itself – once I fully understood that I was encouraged to observe my self when the ‘demons’ cut in and from that moment they started to fade. I have tried many other traditional approaches and drugs which did not work. Guy’s approach is kind and sensitive as well as being completely holistic and it worked for me!”

Katie (London)

“Thank you for your help – my sleeping has improved drastically thanks to my new ability to clear my mind and control my reaction to insomnia and to the thoughts that attack me in those moments! Obviously there are still some bad nights but I am finding them far less frequent, and I am more confident about my ability to deal with the following day despite a bad night’s sleep, which is a huge step for me. My concentration and energy levels during the day have increased which I also believe is due to the ease with which I fall asleep and stay asleep.”

Tara (London)

“I started to experience difficulty sleeping and I became really anxious about it very quickly. I was determined not to take medication and so I made contact with Guy. Guy’s style and approach is very relaxed, informal and non-judging and this made explaining my situation very easy indeed. Like so many other people have said, the main thing to grasp is that there is nothing to be afraid of and once I got into this mind-set, the sleep anxiety started to subside. I would say that patience, practice and perseverance are the name of this game and by working with Guy’s sleep plan I have now achieved good sleep regularly without medication. I would recommend the program without hesitation to anyone who wants to achieve good natural sleep.”

Robert (London)

“To watch, to welcome – these are the foundations of a better way to having a good night’s sleep. Guy’s approach emphasises these methods, and they helped me tremendously in re-establishing good sleeping habits. I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves fighting sleeplessness (when in fact they should be welcoming sleep).”

Jim (Kent)

“I consulted Guy after a 3-month period in which I experienced chronic insomnia and horribly fragmented sleeping patterns that were hugely impacting on my daily life. Guy’s methods taught me both an understanding of my insomnia and how my attitude towards it was fuelling it. This was such a revelation that it is no exaggeration to say that I began sleeping better immediately after the first consultation – sleeping well and going back to sleep after waking which I had been unable to do for a long time – not only that but I was now sleeping in at the weekends which was something I hadn’t done regularly for some years! What is so refreshing about Guy’s approach is that by teaching me to adopt acceptance of my condition, I felt immediately relieved of the burden of battling it and that was a major step towards sleeping normally. I expect to suffer bad nights again but I feel confident now in dealing with them and not allowing them to develop into a pattern. I cannot recommend Guy highly enough.”

David (Sussex)

“When I first came to see Guy I was sleeping three to four hours per night on most nights. Now I sleep well most of the time and just have the occasional night of poor sleep. Guy really helped – not just in substantially improving my sleep but in fundamentally changing my attitude towards sleeping and, in more subtle ways, helping me to see my life differently. I use the struggle switch a lot! On top of that I really enjoyed my sessions with Guy.”

Jean (Manchester)

“When I first contacted Dr. Guy Meadows at The Sleep School I felt I was trapped in a vicious cycle of sleepless nights. I have suffered from insomnia on and off for many years and exhausted many of the alternative remedies. You name it, I have tried it Lavender, relaxation CD’s, herbal remedies none of which seemed to help now. My first consultation with Guy was at the clinic followed by telephone appointments. Guy’s approach has given me the confidence to overcome my fear of not sleeping and to stop fighting it. I feel now if I have a bad night, I am equipped to handle it, thanks to Guy. I would not hesitate in recommending Guy to anyone who is suffering from insomnia.”

Joel (London)

“For at least the last year I had problems waking up anytime from 2 to 4am and then not being able to get back to sleep. I find my job stressful at the best of times and not sleeping made things a lot worse. I had tried all the usual things like avoiding coffee, alcohol, using herbal sleep remedies and the occasional prescription sleeping pill but the problem still persisted. I saw Dr Guy and his approach has helped me get back to sleep when I wake up. An unexpected bonus has been how the programme has had a positive effect on how I generally deal with other stressful life events.”

Andrew (London)

“Accepting that one has a serious insomnia problem that is more than just one or two poor nights of sleep is quite a step for anyone, since the implication is that there is something wrong ones mental state. Not something that is easy to talk to anyone about. Having had insomnia for the best part of 6 months, requiring medication on a regular basis, I was recommended to see Guy Meadows. Within minutes of me pouring out my lack of sleep issues, his diagnosis was swift and he immediately reassured me that my problems were really not so rare as I thought. Over only 4 visits, the first of an hour and a half, the others each an hour long, he practiced his ‘alternative’ methods of teaching on me. Out went the dreary routine of night time hot, milky drinks, the hot bath routines, and various other ‘sleep-hygiene’ protocols which still can have their place, but actually in the end simply get in the way of normal sleep. What do people who sleep normally do to get to sleep? Nothing in particular! What he did teach me were exercises to’ live-in-the-present’, experience the ‘now’, look outward rather than inward, and be able to learn to deal with and accept unhelpful thoughts about the past and the future. Guy is extremely animated and fascinatingly enthusiastic about his work. A more friendly face I have yet to see. He not only dealt with my insomnia so that I sleep soundly now without medication, but also helped me with wider mental issues such as elevated anxiety levels. I am very happy to recommend anyone suffering the dreaded insomnia roundabout to seek help from Guy Meadows.”

Ray Strange (London)

“When I first visited Dr Guy Meadows earlier this year I was very stressed out and extremely desperate about my insomnia, and because of this my general well being. Much of my time was spent on the Internet looking for ‘quick fixes’, and control techniques. I found this made things even worse, (things such as going to bed much earlier, and generally fighting my insomnia). Dr Guy Meadows explained very clearly to me a whole new way of looking at my insomnia, and taught me a few excellent techniques of mindful thinking and observation, in other words he taught me to live in the present instead of worrying about the past or concerning myself with the future. His ideas and the exercises he gave me have had a profound effect on both my insomnia (I’m now sleeping much better), and my general outlook on life. Thanks again for everything.”

Yasser (London)

“I attended The Sleep School with Dr Meadows. I couldn’t sleep properly for years. I would lie awake all night without sleeping almost every day. Dr Meadows assessed my sleep patterns and other matters such as diet etc that had been contributing to poor sleep and drew up an action plan to treat it. I now fall asleep within 20 minutes usually and have tackled the bad habits that were causing poor sleep. The treatment is non-drug based and focused on raising awareness of thought processes which are a major cause of sleeplessness. I would highly recommend this excellent clinic for those who are finding it hard to sleep.‎”

Joel (London)

“For at least the last year I had problems waking up anytime from 2 to 4am and then not being able to get back to sleep. I find my job stressful at the best of times and not sleeping made things a lot worse. I had tried all the usual things like avoiding coffee, alcohol, using herbal sleep remedies and the occasional prescription sleeping pill but the problem still persisted. I saw Dr Guy and his approach has helped me get back to sleep when I wake up. An unexpected bonus has been how the programme has had a positive effect on how I generally deal with other stressful life events.”

Jason (London)

“My insomnia was a product of my stress and anxiety and reached a pinnacle after the birth of our 3rd child. I went from the occasionally bad night’s sleep to not sleeping at all. This gradually got worse, until I was getting about 10-15 hours sleep a week and many consecutive nights of not sleeping at all. My doctor prescribed anti-depressants as well as a course of sleeping pills. After a couple of months the only way I was sleeping was pills combined with alcohol. I went on to try acupuncture and herbal remedies, but realised that nothing was giving me a long term solution. One morning I decided to throw all the pills away and try a different approach. I discovered The Sleep School through Google and enrolled. Although before attending I would have been the biggest cynic regarding this sort of therapy I was prepared to try anything that could help with my insomnia which by this stage was impacting me physically as well as my family & work life. Guy’s methods had an immediate effect and after about 6 weeks I was sleeping better than ever. I don’t necessarily feel cured of insomnia, it may return in future stressful situations, but I do feel equipped through Guys teachings to handle it and be in control of the situation. It is also reassuring to know Guy is always available to talk to in the future if necessary. I am no longer a cynic and have actually applied his methods to improve other areas of my life as well. I would recommend Guy to anyone suffering from insomnia.”

Jane Franklin (London)

“Treatment at The Sleep School has been a revolutionary experience. Dr Guy Meadows is sympathetic and non-judgemental, helping to rearrange the ingrained beliefs that sabotage sleep. It is easy to become stuck in outdated patterns of thinking and of not sleeping – Dr Guy increases awareness of these unhelpful habits and shows a way out of them. I feel I have benefited enormously from this change in my outlook on life and sleep and would not hesitate to recommend this novel approach to anyone struggling, as I have done my whole life, with sleepless nights.‎”

Fred Manning (London)

“My sessions with Guy were enormously helpful in helping me to overcome my fear of poor sleep and, consequently, in achieving a much improved quality of sleep. Guy gave me the confidence not to worry about a poor night’s sleep and a set of tools and ideas that have helped me live a calmer life with a good night’s sleep at the end of each day.”

Louise (Bristol)

“Since I was a teenager I’ve struggled with sleep. Frequently I would initially take hours to switch off in order to go to sleep and occasionally I would wake and then feel anger at myself almost immediately for not being able to go back to sleep. I would watch the clock and look at the hours tick by and get more and more frustrated with myself. Following the 2 day course I now know how to deal with my anxious thoughts as I get into bed and if I wake in the night I feel less panic as I know that whatever happens I will still manage to get by the following day just as I have done in the past. I have also discovered new breathing techniques which make me more relaxed and on some occasions have allowed me to drift off to sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow – bliss! Now and again I will have a bad night but knowing that there are other people out there like me and that I have the support of Dr Meadows, I can deal with it and learn to accept my condition rather than battle against it.”

Sarah Edwards (UK)

“I’ve never slept well, and it had got worse in the past few years. Repeated trips to the GP had resulted in either advice to have a bath and a milky drink or at the other extreme offers of sleeping pills, which I didn’t want to take. Insomnia was really damaging my quality of life. About 5 weeks ago I went on the two-day workshop that Guy Meadows runs. It was really helpful and introduced a range of techniques and therapies. Guy’s positive attitude and sense of humour helped get everyone in the right frame of mind. Most importantly, since then my sleep has improved dramatically! I can’t say I sleep well every night, but who can. I basically no longer feel as though bad sleep is affecting my day to day life. The approach is very holistic, so it has also helped me deal with worry and anxiety that are one of the causes of my insomnia. I’d definitely recommend the workshop, it has made a big difference to me.”

Pauline (UK)

“I contacted the clinic because poor sleep was playing havoc with my daily life. I felt hostage to whether or not I slept well the night before. I found Guy Meadows to be a very sympathetic, understanding and clear teacher of his method. He listens carefully and addresses fully all issues you raise. Even though there were rough waters at the beginning of starting his method, within a week or so my sleep began to return to a more normal pattern. I liked the fact that he gives so much attention to the part our thoughts play in our experience of sleep. His combination of the latest science on sleep and age old teachings on mindfulness works beautifully. Sleep is one of those things you feel you just cannot ‘DO’ anything about, Guy shows you very simply what you can do to allow sleep to happen. Thank you.”

Sandra Allitt (Plymouth)

“I have suffered from insomnia for over 20 years. I took sleeping tablets for a very short period and since coming off them have always had trouble sleeping. It controlled and was ruining my life. Dr. Guy Meadows was, I felt, my last chance to cure or improve the problem. I was slightly sceptical because he was based in London and I would only have contact with him by email and on the phone. I needn’t have worried. I found him to be very professional, caring and easy to talk to and he was quite happy for me to ring or email him in between sessions. He taught me to challenge all my negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, also to live in the present and not to try to get to sleep, but to let sleep come when it wants to. Whilst not yet completely cured, I am sleeping so much better and have a different attitude to sleeping. I also know what to do if I am lying awake. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with a similar problem.”

Luke Millar (London)

“I toyed with the idea of calling The Sleep School for several months and then took the plunge after a particularly poor week of sleep. Expecting the usual suspects to be dragged out, such as too much coffee, room too warm, sleeping in too late etc I was ecstatic to find that Dr Meadows had adopted a holistic approach. During the plan I not only learnt techniques to help me sleep significantly better but a different way of approaching the world. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Meadows for providing me with the tools to improve the quality of my life and handle the little bumps along the way. A proper posture is a way of blending with gravity. A proper attitude is way of blending with life.”

Helen Aubrey (UK)

“I cannot thank Dr Guy Meadows enough for all his advice, support and understanding. I had been an insomniac for almost a year and was at my wits end when I finally started The Sleep School Plan. Through the weeks I learnt not only techniques to improve my sleep, but also positive ways to deal with the triggers of insomnia, along with a more mindful approach to my life and habits. Guy has been a great strength – always encouraging and helping me to see another way to deal with issues. I know he will always be at the end of the phone if I need any guidance.”

Sam, London

“Having been an Insomnia sufferer for the majority of my life I really believed that I may have been a lost cause, and so Dr Guy Meadow’s Sleep Clinic was a last roll of the dice for me. I didn’t have very high hopes at the out-set but within the first three weeks I was sleeping better than I had probably ever slept in my life, and it was all down to very practical, simple and achievable techniques. I feel that I have now really regained control over a very major part of my life, and I can’t recommend Dr Guy Meadows highly enough.”

Kim Walsh, London

“I got in touch with Guy when I had actually begun to give up hope of ever sleeping like a ‘normal’ person. I hadn’t slept well for about 10 years and had been taking sleeping tablets for a large part of that. Guy is an extremely talented and caring therapist – through relatively simple and logical instructions he removes the fear associated with sleep and gives you back your confidence. Within three weeks of attending Guy’s clinic I stopped taking sleeping tablets and slept through the night – this continues now. I still have moments of doubt but now have the tools to fight those fears and know what to do if I ever re-lapse. I could not recommend Dr. Guy Meadows insomnia course enough – I felt that this was my last chance and thank God I took it!”

Katharine Hutcheon (London)

“When I approached Dr. Guy Meadows I was at my wits’ end. My sleepless nights were habitual and the light at the end of my tunnel appeared to be temporarily switched off. Guy really appeared to understand my issues and recommended some simple but hugely effective techniques. Within only weeks of following the programme I was seeing and experiencing major positive change. Now, I periodically sleep through my alarm – how wonderful is that in comparison to where I was prior to the programme. I appreciate that I might ‘relapse’ occasionally but I don’t worry because I now have all the techniques and tools to get myself back on track. I would recommend Guy to anyone who suffers with insomnia – he really can help you get your life back. Thank you Guy you have been my saviour.”

Asleep at Last (London)

“For years I use go to bed and lay awake with random thoughts whizzing through my head pointlessly. I would eventually fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall asleep again until about ten minutes before my alarm would go off. It was frustrating and would ruin not only my week at work but also my weekend as I tried to catch up on lost sleep. Completing Dr. Guy’s course has allowed me to hit the pillow and within minutes fall asleep and enjoy an uninterrupted night. I also noticed an improved energy levels.I am still on the learning curve but it’s certainly heading in the right direction and should I fall into the habits of old, Guy has equipped me with the tools to treat myself and get back on track. This was definitely a great and worthwhile investment.”

Dan Gordge (Northampton)

“When the problem arose nine years ago it took three years to naturally recover. This time it took three weeks for the program to stabilise my sleep and another three months before I felt confident that the problem of nine years had gone away permanently. I will always be indebted to Dr Guy Meadows for the programme. I took the most important step before I started which was to stop all sleeping tablets. Dr Guy then applied natural techniques to reprogram the mind for good sleep. I would always recommend Dr Guy to those in distress with sleeping problems. My GP is also convinced having seen my recovery taking weeks rather than years as last time.”

Edward Leverton (Plymouth)

“I enrolled for The Sleep School plan following my initial consultation in London. I soon realised that it was my way of thinking that was causing the problems and slowly my natural sleep returned that was a great feeling. As I live in Plymouth the rest of the consultations were done over the telephone and although we required some additional sessions it was worth it. I realised toward the end of our time together that what he had given me was not just about curing my insomnia it was a way to live my life. My GP had made me feel there was little hope – Dr. Meadows gave me every hope and I would recommend him to anyone in my situation.”

Jo Mills (Herts)

“Having suffered insomnia in bouts over many years when I went to see Dr. Guy Meadows I was anxious and depressed. I was in yet another cycle of not sleeping. When I met Guy for the first time I was not in a very receptive mood. Despite this Guy soon impressed me with his knowledge, enthusiasm and approachability. He quickly got me sleeping again and has given me tools to use to keep me sleeping well and generally improve my lifestyle.
Guy is genuinely interested in the individual and is always at the end of a phone, which is a huge bonus. How many specialists do you know who give you an hour of their time and then cannot be contacted again until the next appointment? Most I would say….. Guy is definitely the exception.”

Kevin Marriott (London)

“Thank you for all your efforts with my insomnia problems. Your well thought out program has steered me through a morale sapping period that has enabled me to dispense in six weeks with pills, an experience that I do not intend to revisit. I would recommend your professional guidance to anyone with this affliction.”

Daiman Baker (London)

“Before seeing Dr. Guy Meadows I would wake up multiple times a night and often stay awake for hours. Of course I would fall asleep a few minutes before my alarm went off. I always thought it was just stress-related and never did anything about it – except suffer. Through Dr Guy Meadows, I was able to assess the causes of my sleep issues and really understand on a practical level the vital links between my diet, my stress and my sleep. This programme literally changed my life in a profound way and I can’t recommend it enough to those that are sleep-deprived. The Sleep School is all about regaining control and sets you up to have a more contented life.”

Tim Cousins (Herts)

“I had a 1.5 hour telephone consultation with Guy, during which he answered questions which were specific to my sleep problem, and which my local GP was unable to answer. Your GP will only refer you to a sleep-specialist if you have a really serious disorder like sleep apnoea, which is not much use if you have one of the many other sleep disorders. I had also borrowed about 5 books on sleep from the library, which gave general advice, but nothing specific enough to my particular problem. The price was good considering the high level of expertise, and Guy provided answers to other questions I had in the following weeks, at no extra charge. My sleep quality has improved significantly following my chat with Guy and his follow-up plan.”

David Peterson (London)

“Dr. Guy Meadows helped me to overcome the insomnia that I had for many years. He taught me how to sleep again. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Sara (Essex)

“After the birth of my first child I struggled to get to sleep for over a year before making the decision to contact Guy. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. His methods are relatively simple but very affective at tackling the issues that were keeping me up at night. The most powerful tool I learned was awareness, once you really look at and observe the reasons for your poor sleep it becomes easier to derail them. The program was at times a challenge and sometimes I felt like I was not progressing. I now understand that those times were part of and necessary for my recovery. I completed the program in four months and I am now sleeping much better. I have my life back and an added bonus of learning how to appreciate life more. Guy is very good at his job and I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from sleep deprivation.‎”

Michael Schofield (London)

“I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to The Sleep School. I started suffering from sporadic insomnia approximately 18 months ago, and although by no means debilitating I was determined to address the problem. Dr Guy Meadows was instrumental in solving the problem; suggesting a combination of minor lifestyle changes and teaching me a healthier psychological approach to insomnia. Having acted on his recommendations, I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since. The lifestyle changes suggested by Dr Meadows have not only helped physically, but also mentally. Knowing that I’ve done things to help me sleep is a self-fulfilling force equally as powerful as worrying about not sleeping. Don’t put up with dreadful sleeping patterns because you don’t have to.”

Mary (UK)

“It was a huge relief for me to find The Sleep School and work with Guy. I honestly wasn’t sure if my sleep would ever improve but I’m glad to say it has. The programme was challenging at times and still is on occasion but for most part things are much better and I don’t stress about not sleeping anymore. Also have found some of the exercises helpful in other areas of my life. I’m grateful for the help received and hope others try it.”

Simon (London)

“I can’t recommend Dr. Guy highly enough. Having struggled to sleep for the best part of a decade, to the point where it had a serious impact on my life, i was almost resigned to being a lifelong insomniac. I tried all the usual techniques- hot milk, sleeping pills, sleep restriction techniques- but as is so often the case, the simplest answer is the right one. Guy explained his philosophies superbly, and I can honestly sat after just one session my sleep improved markedly in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, the techniques he teaches are applicable to so many areas of life, I have found our session to be beneficial in many ways I could never have imagined. If you struggle to sleep and worry about it- do yourself a huge favour and go and see Dr. Guy.”

Frances (UK)

“The mindfulness approach and Guy’s comprehensive notes have made been instrumental in helping me cope with sleeplessness and massively reducing the stress and anxiety of not sleeping. At my first appointment, my anxiety about not sleeping was 10/10; now it is 1.5/10. I still wake once or twice a night, though have slept through about 3 times. The difference is, I don’t worry about being awake.”

Jacqui (London)

“The Sleep School approach has been immensely helpful in eliminating the worst of the stress and mayhem that insomnia used to wreak every night. Being able to cut it down to size, reducing it to something I can take or leave, as opposed to a menacing villain I had to fight every evening, has been incredibly empowering. My sleeping schedule still isn’t exactly conventional, but I’ve made incredible improvements, especially being able to sleep with out using medication.”

Emily Bunting (UK)

”I’d had trouble sleeping all my life and it got to the point where it was ruining my life. Nothing I’d tried before worked for me so I was really praying that Guy would be able to sort me out – and he did! My course at The Sleep School taught me a different perspective not only on sleeping but on my life in general. I now sleep much better and have learned to control my reactions to stress. My life is definitely better for following this course.”


Professionally Endorsed

Dr. Hilary Jones - GP, Health Editor on ITV Daybreak & medical writer

“Sleep problems affect 25% of the UK population and lead to 30 million frustrated trips to the GP. This book is a lifeline to anyone who struggles with their sleep. Dr Guy Meadows’ radical new approach to curing insomnia is incredibly effective and, even better, it is natural – no pills, potions or props necessary.”

Professor Tanya Byron - Psychologist, Author & Broadcaster

“Dr Guy Meadows teaches a revolutionary new method for combating insomnia. His approach is non-pharmacological and hugely successful. This book will be life-changing for anyone who struggles with their sleep.”

(Photo © John Swannell)

Steven C. Hayes, PhD - Co-developer of ACT, Psychology Professor & Author

“Sleep isn’t something you consciously do – you have to be awake to do things consciously. Sleep is something your body does when you move your mind out of the way … What you have in your hands is a truly new approach. In this spectacularly well-written book you will have a door opened that you may not have realised exists. You will learn how to get your mind out of the way … Put your sleep struggle into the hands of this brilliant clinician, and let’s get going. Let’s learn how to do nothing.”