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The Business of Snooze

In the News: ‘Is it a dream come true? Employers encourage staff to get more sleep’

Last week, Fran Yeoman from iNews wrote an article on the way in which employers are starting to warm up to the idea of sleep, recognising the risks of sleep deprivation in the workplace. Dr Guy Meadows identifies this shift of opinion as ‘the sleep phase’.

More specifically, he told Fran Yeoman:
‘I’ve been in this sector long enough now to recognise what is a complete cultural change. It used to be “sleeping is cheating”, if you could have four hours then get to the gym and a power breakfast you were one of the power people.’

Having been through phases as a society where we were obsessed with exercise and then food, he adds, ‘now we are in the sleep phase; we are all desperately trying to understand how to improve our sleep.’

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