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The Sleep School Professional Programme Featured in Forbes

via, by Katie Baron, 23 July 2018

‘Dr. Guy Meadows, cofounder and clinical director of London-based The Sleep School – a business which treats both individual patients with chronic insomnia but also, increasingly, works with corporations including those in the legal, financial and FMCG sectors, affirms the rise of a serious mainstream appetite for unlocking the power of sleep. “What are people willing to pay? The issue is more that they are now willing to pay. What started as a trickle became a raging torrent due to rising levels of workplace stress affecting both performance and health. It used to be all about what to eat, but the research shows that sleep is most important to improving overall health.”

The Sleep School’s professional program is based on the 36-year-old practice of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) where clients are taught to embrace negative thoughts as opposed to the rebuttal or change generally associated with conventional cognitive behavioral therapy, something that according to Meadows makes it more helpful in practice: “The types of thoughts that tend to swell to unmanageable proportions when you can’t sleep at night are better dealt with by ACT because after the acceptance there’s an easier capacity to move on.” It’s an especially salient point because of ACT’s inherently close relationship to the wider, growing cultural trend towards mindfulness, rendering it more logical and palatable for a general audience, including shoppers – as per Bamford et al.

Its programs involve live sessions plus follow-up digital support via an app that helps users to monitor their progress and compare themselves against national, industry and even department averages. The programs are also tailored to different sleep concerns such as how to overcome jet-lag, handling shift work or managing the sleep deprivation involved in becoming a new parent or even dealing with a teenager. That splintering of the sleep world into micro sectors, combined with The Sleep School’s strategic segue from private clinical work (which it still does) into semi-personalized mass treatments offers a prime cue for retail as the commercial necessity of becoming a service provider – selling advice, skills, coaching and assistance – gets ever more real.

“As people become attuned to the fact that sleep is most powerful personal enhancer known to mankind, it will start to become normalized,” says Meadows – paving the way for a sleep economy where sleep sessions, which could be conducted by anyone from beauty brands to sports retailers to any hybrids you can possibly think of, will be as standard as getting a massage.’

To learn more about the Sleep School’s professional programme, click here.

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